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Super Hero
Coloring Pages

Find Coloring Activities featuring Popular Comic Book Super Heroes and Villains that you can bring to full living color!

Introduce your child to these black and white action images that feature his or her favorite Comic Book Super Heroes watch them unleash their creativity and imagination with the use of colors!

Work together with your child to bring the images to life at the end of your crayontips!

Best of all, it's all free so you and your child can print as many copies as you want! Enjoy!


Printable Cartoon Coloring Pages...

Our featured coloring pages come in popular image formats like JPG, GIF, and PNG. These image formats can be saved to your computer. Once saved, you can print them out and enjoy with your kids. More detailed instructions on how to print these popular image format can be found below.

Some coloring activities also come in PDF format These pages can be viewed using Adobe Reader -- a free software download that you'll need to install. The great thing about Adobe Reader is that it offers great functionality in terms of viewing the images and printing out copies.

  Batman Joker Coloring Pages
Batman Joker Coloring Pages

Batman Coloring Pages

Batman the Brave and the Bold Coloring Pages Batman Color Sheet
Batman Dark Knight Coloring Pages Coloring Pages for Kids Batman
Batman Coloring Pages for Kids Printable Batman Coloring Pages

Entertain, Educate and Express ...

Sharing a Coloring Activity is a great way to bond with your child.

You and your child choose which activity to work on together. You guide and teach your child on the use of colors.

Younger children are almost certain to find unfamiliar things in coloring pages and ask you about them. This is a chance to teach your child and entertain them with stories.

Coloring pages can also teach older children how to apply shadows and highlights. It's a simple and easy way to practice artistic expression!

Batman Printable Coloring Pages
Batman Printable Coloring Pages

How to Save Coloring Pages ...

Our featured coloring pages come in popular image formats such as JPG, GIF, and PNG. They are ready to download, print and share with your kids!

Choose which format you want to download. Left-click to view the larger image. Then, Right-click on the image you want and choose to Save. Here, your browser might prompt you where you wish to save the file.

Be sure to remember where you saved it! Or just open your browser's "Download History" to see a recent listing of the items you've downloaded.

Free Batman Coloring Sheets
Free Batman Coloring Sheets
  Spiderman Pictures to Color
Spiderman Pictures to Color

Spider-Man Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages of Spiderman Spiderman Coloring Printouts
Spider Man Colouring Pages Spiderman Colouring Sheets


How to Print Coloring Pages ...

By Double-Clicking on the file(s) you downloaded, you will launch the associated application which lets you view, print or even modify the file.

PDF files will likely launch the Adobe Reader application which has excellent functionalities for printing and viewing documents.

(Windows 7) JPG, GIF and PNG files launch in Windows Photo Viewer by default. It lets you view, print, and rotate the images.

Be sure to remember where you saved it! Or just open your browser's "Download History" to see a recent listing of the items you've downloaded.

Spiderman Coloring Sheet
Spiderman Coloring Sheet

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